The Magnetic Acrylic systems are balanced and designed to ensure optimized flexibility and structure in the finished nails. This enables the clients to enjoy comfortable wear and prevents service break down or micro shattering. By mixing the systems you can achieve the perfect product combination, from slow to fast drying and from soft to very hard everything is possible. Designed by experienced nail technicians and tested in salons all over Europe, the innovative Acrylic Systems offer endless possibilities.

The Magnetic Acrylic Systems have adjustable mix ratio’s, as a general rule a 2:1 ratio is preferred but the molecular structure is designed so it can be used in a wetter or drier consistency without jeopardizing the quality of the nails. This helps the nail technicians in warmer or colder climates.

The Acrylic Systems are constantly expanded and improved making The Magnetic Acrylic Systems the absolute Innovator in the nail industry!
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